Touch Screen Covers

WETCOVER touch screen covers are manufactured in Super Clear silicone rubber.

Fitting a Wetcover touch screen cover to remain in place whilst in use will help protect against the damage and replacement of an expensive component.

Your Touchscreen keyboard is a valuable piece of equipment which in the case of a malfunction may cause a  hold-up at the checkout or sales points. Wetcover touch screen protection will help protect against excessive pressure from fingers or other items used, ingress in the recess around the screen of liquids, foreign bodies, dust or grease. Protecting the keyboard will help to prevent a malfunction.

Remember the replacing of the touch screen itself is very expensive.

All Wetcover touch screen covers are washable in hot washing up liquid, rinse, shake dry and replace on screen.

Super Clear

How to wash

Click play on the video below to see a demonstration of how to wash your cover.