Medical and Other Covers


Wetcover manufactures custom designed products for medical and other clinical use.

Where touch screens announcing the patients' arrival at the GP surgery or clinic are cleaned regularly or have antimicrobial screen protection the risk of transmission of virus and bacteria to other patients is reduced.

Wetcover manufactures silicone rubber antimicrobial protection for touch screens and keyboards in hospitals and other environments where the presence, and the likelihood of transmission, of virus and bacteria is greater.  

Wetcover silicone rubber when used for medical covers is permanently antimicrobial. This means users have scientifically certified protection against including others MRSA and E-Coli.

Antimicrobial touch screen and keyboard covers are recommended for use in hospitals and clinics for information touch screens where the great number of users, including staff, patients and members of the visiting public, might increase the chance of the spread of MRSA.

Antimicrobial touch screen and keyboard covers can be washed in hot soapy washing up liquid, daily if required, without reducing the level of antimicrobial protection. Simply wash, rinse, shake dry and replaced on the screen.


Wetcover keyboard protection is present on many aircraft and rescue helicopters.


Wetcover keyboard protection is used in agriculture and grain production. Wetcover silicone rubber products help prevent airborne dust and particles entering electronic instrumentation in humidity testing, harvesting and grain production processes.

Where can I find a supplier for Wetcover medical and other covers?

Please email to for more information and for requests for keyboard and screen protection for specialised equipment.