Card Machine Covers

Protect your card machine from day to day use

Your card machine (Chip and Pin) is a valuable piece of equipment which in the case of a malfunction may cause a  holdup at the checkouts or sales points. Wetcover keypad protection will help protect against ingress through the keyboard of liquids, foreign bodies, dust or grease. Protecting the keyboard will help to prevent a malfunction.

Why do I need Wetcover Protection?

A card machine is used by individual shoppers and many hundreds or even thousands will make finger contact with the keyboard of the card machine.

If you compare the number of users of a cash register or PC payment terminal (where the number is limited to the small group of employees authorised to use the equipment) and the vastly greater number of shoppers using a card machine, it is clear that the shoppers are at a greater risk of picking up a virus or bacterium deposited on the keyboard and transmitted by another one of the many shoppers. Each shopper may be at risk from simply the common cold virus to other bacteria including E. Coli and MRSA.

View the Wetcover scientific certificate which includes protection against E. coli and MRSA.

Remember Wetcover keyboard protectors for card machines are washable in soapy dishwater and permanently antimicrobial.

Wetcover silicone rubber keypad protection is permanently antimicrobial, flexible, stretchable, durable and easily washable. 

What products do Wetcover offer?

Wetcover is a specialist manufacturer of silicone rubber keyboard covers for cash registers and touch screens, Wetcover manufactures also keyboard and screen protection products for medical, agricultural, aeronautical and other industries.  

Where can I buy Wetcover products?

Wetcover products are available from your cash register/EPOS supplier or service company. If you have difficulty locating your supplier please contact us and we will send you the details of your nearest stockist.